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Education should enlighten and become useful for a student. Though students are competent enough, expected chances and sufficient conditions do not become  available at the required time resulting in a not very successful result. Our primary aim is to provide quality education and remove all the above drawbacks.


  • Gives opportunity for discussion.
  • A student can express his intentions.
  • A good rapport will be developed regarding the intention of the thoughts and its structural formation.
  • No byhearting process will be entertained.
  • A definite foundation for the sincere aspiration of a student.
  • A multi solution provides for a single problem will be delivered.
  • A good platform for anxious and goal oriented aspirants.
  • A wisely oriented program to have a know how to utilize and apply wisdom will be encouraged.
  • Instilling confidence and improving the knowledge base.
  • A good and positive atmosphere.
  • Enrich natural talent of students.
  • High Concentration on concept clarity teaching.
  • Elevate all standards of the students.
  • Integrated concept teaching and doubts clarification by senior faculty.
  • Limited classroom strength.
  • Every day, regular physical exercises / meditation.
  • Group discussions among the students.
  • Personal care and attention to every student.


The faculty are broad minded with a sound knowledge of child psychology. IIT-JEE, NEET will be the target base and sufficient material as well as in depth explanation will be provided by the faculty. The students will be considered as the children of the Torque’s family. The faculty strongly commits itself to the all round development of a candidate. A promising faculty with a broad knowledge on various examination pattern systems.

  • Faculty
V. Satya Narayana

B.Tech, Director

Shesha Rao
Ch. Shesha Rao

M.Sc (Org Chem) Director

Jagannadha Charyulu
K. Jagannadha Charyulu

M.Sc, B.Ed, Zoology

P.S.S.N. Raju

M.Tech, Mathematics

Dr. Y. Sobha Rani
Dr. Y. Sobha Rani

M.Sc., B.Ed., Phd, Zoology

Mrs. Meduri Ramamani

M.Sc., B.Ed, Botany

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